R2 Oxygen

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R2 Oxygen

2,290 ฿

Top-of-the-range, second-skin white calf sleeve for maximum aeration and muscle support during your toughest races.
Postponed fatigue and improved performance through reduced muscle vibration, helping you maintain speed and intensity for longer during effort
High-level muscle support to the calves, decreasing the risk of injury and cramps through targeted 360-degree compression
Maximum thermoregulation thanks to mesh ventilation panels woven directly into the fabric, helping keep your calfs dry and cool in the hottest conditions
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Legend says it takes Fred Van Lierde just eight seconds during his Ironman to pull on these compression sleeves. The most performance-oriented of our calf sleeves was developed specifically for fast racing in the most extreme conditions. Beyond the iconic R2V2 model, our designers were looking for an ultra-soft, second-skin feel which is powerfully reassuring in its weightlessness. With strategically-placed, fast-drying mesh panels providing 360° aeration, the R2 Oxygen is the lightest compression sleeve on the market at a mere 11g.Yet the ultra-thin fibres are proven to retain all compression properties and benefits, delivering maximum support and protection to the calf and lower knee whilst limiting muscle vibration and damage. The 2020 updated version offers increased horizontal and vertical stretch for an even easier fit and improved comfort. A minimalist, classy white design completes the package for a fresh yet refined look on the racecourse. Whether you’re heating up the Hawaiian tarmac or taking on the burning Saharian sands, the weightless R2 Oxygen will be your loyal companion.





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